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Etsy Clone Script Full Version


Etsy Clone Script Full Version

Create your own marketplace today! Install Etsy Clone, and in just a few minutes you can start selling! 

Etsy Clone is an easy way to earn money. You can sell your own items, products or supplies made by others, or simply charge a fee for subscribers who sell through your marketplace.

Etsy Clone is the ultimate Etsy Clone script on the market. Just like the original it supports unlimited products, unlimited number of users who can both buy and sell,  and you can manage all that from a single administrator panel.

Each item you sell can have up to 5 images and a comprehensive description. There are wishlists, built-in subsystems for payments, for messaging other members, sending feedback, promoting products, etc. Stores can be closed and re-opened, and you can leave messages to your customers if need be.

Etsy Clone is easy to install, comes with complete administration guide, and lifetime updates.

Check the server requirements and see if your currrent host is compatible with Etsy Clone.

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Basic Features

The Ultimate Exact Etsy Clone script on the market

  • Etsy Clone supports unlimited number of users who can buy and sell. The script is able to support thousands of visitors at the same time.

  • Save time and money with chain payments! Commission fees are automatically paid to marketplace owner when an item is purchased!

  • Unlimited items - Etsy Clone supports thousands of items per shop out of the box.

  • PayPal and credit card payment modules built-in, additional modules available separately and upon request.

  • Multicurrency and multilanguage - Etsy Clone supports as many languages and currencies as you set it up with.

  • Comprehensive product description, including up to 5 images, materials used, tags and shipping information.

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Affiliate Program

Earn revenue by placing a link or banners on your web site

Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 30%.

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Getsy has helped me and my husband to create our online store, without any programming skills. Thank you guys!


For us, Getsy is the best shopping affiliate marketing platform.


Thanks to Getsy, my local business became a lot more popular. I recommend it to everyone!

Hong Kong

“Getsy is full of options and modules that help us be flexible and successful no matter the competition.