What can Etsy Clone be used for?

What can Etsy Clone be used for?

The website that you will build using Etsy Clone is an unique community center, where each user is able to buy and sell items he has produced on his own, or supplies for others to create such items. And when we say "each user" - that is precisely what we mean. Even the website administrator can create his store and items, using his admin account.

The marketplace can also be easily customized. Design and layout files are accessible to the users so you can change the outlook. The admin panel allows you to change the basic categories products fall into, so if you're interesting in selling items that are not handmade, vintage or supplies - you can just change the labels, or remove classification altogether.

Etsy Clone is a place where you make connections. Users can participate in teams and circles, and work for a common cause or a goal. Thanks to the message sub-system your users will be able to communicate with one another - whether through the shop, or by directly accessing the user's profile.

In Etsy Clone users help each other all the time. Thanks to the rating system you will quickly be able to discover the best sellers and buyers. The community blog can be a place where problems are solved and team efforts are coordinated.

Etsy Clone is a tool for earning money. You can sell your own creations, and also receive commissions from each sale, made by other store owners in your marketplace.

The marketplace is designed with SEO in mind. You can connect with your Facebook seller page, and your users can post items from around the marketplace and make them popular with their connections.

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