Getsy 1.12 available

Getsy 1.12 available

Getsy v.1.12 is released. Please apply the Upload system update before patching up your installation.

There are a load of fixes, changes and new additions. Most importantnly there is now a new cron job that checks the status of PayPal payments, and updates it in the system, changing your order and payment onformation accordingly. No more payments will forever be stuck in “Processing”!

We’re also introducing two new modules for the Full version customers – Cash on delivery and Bank transfer – which can be downloaded from their accounts on this website, and be installed separately.

Full list of visible changes can be fond below.

NEW Added: PayPal cron to check for payment status update and change it in the system if PayPal updates it. Sellers will have to authorize checks in Step 2 of creating their shops.

NEW Added: Bank Transfer module, saving shop bank account and choosing shop payment methods (Full version only)

NEW Added: Cash on delivery module (Full version only)

NEW Added functionallity to list payment methods on item detail page

NEW Added: more PayPal currencies

NEW Added: new module available – Filtering by cities

Fixed: note to seller in the cart and notification templates

Fixed: treasury module, including creating new treasury list

Fixed: categories proper navigation after edit in admin

Fixed: pages and category status in the admin.

Fixed: added scroll in all popups.

NEW Due to permission issues PayPal digital goods notification to PayPal is disabled

Fixed: coupons link

Fixed: sections link when no shop exists

Fixed: change password in user settings (account no longer deactivates)

Fixed: forgotten password link in login prompt

NEW Added: working Instagram module

Fixed: Coupons working with PHP 5.3

Fixed: coupons can now be applied after a certain item total

Fixed: user address validation and saving in user settings.

NEW Added: checks if Installation module is still in the files. If you haven’t removed it – system will not work.

Changed: database structure.

Fixed: Digital Items cron

Fixed: Facebook friend invites.

Fixed: Item Video module installation

Fixed: links on item detail page that require users to be logged in

Fixed: Facebook and Twitter sharing links in pop-up mode.

Fixed: contact link on user page and in shopping cart if user is not logged in

Fixed: item quantity bug when copying an item. Variations module updated.

Fixed: accents and Cyrillic characters in SEO URLs.

NEW Displaying payment method and bank account details in purchases details and confirmation pages

Fixed user invitations by admin

NEW Shipping filter updated to 1.1, now supports filter by cities if cities module is installed

Updated: shop and items are deactivated if subscription is required and renewal is disabled by the seller. Item and shops are hidden until a payment is confirmed.

Updated: items listing fee is set to “Paid” and status is set to active if seller has a subscription with unlimited listings

Fixed: Geolocation module error

Fixed: loading if no avatar image for shops

NEW Menu Plugins renamed to Extensions in admin

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