Getsy 1.13 is out

Getsy 1.13 is out

Version 1.13 of our successful marketplace script has been released.

Thanks to the reports and the suggestions from our customers we have worked on improving the script further.

More translations, more options, more checks making sure subscriptions and shops are active, loads of fixes and recommendations have been realized in this update.

The new version is available for new customers immediatelly; a patch for v.1.12 is pending.

Some of the more notable fixes are listed below - the are numerous other changes that will increase the reliability of the script in the long run.

NEW Item types are no longer hard coded - you can add unlimited item types and they can be translated. Item type filter was updated to 1.2

NEW Shops will now remain inactive until a valid PayPal pre-approval key is obtained. Shops will automatically be activated when a pre-approval key is obtained (and if they are not disabled by admin).
NEW Added new cron for PayPal which will notify users for expiring pre-approval keys, and will deactivate shops and items if the key is invalid/expired.
FIXED Notifications above header will no longer hide filters.
FIXED User search display styles.
NEW Added item gallery carousel if item pictures are more than 5.
NEW If user or shop is inactive, the system redirects to 404 instead of back to home page.
FIXED Missing translations in treasury list activity.
FIXED Treasury translations.
FIXED Treasury lists edit redirect for not logged users.
FIXED Home treasury settings redirection after installation.
FIXED Templates for new order notifications to both seller and buyer.

FIXED Cancelled status check.
Optimized translation queries
FIXED Translation errors for 404 pages
FIXED Local pickup status check.
FIXED User profile page metas.
FIXED Loading items in category when "Disable popup preview and pagination" option is active

FIXED "My Shop" link in header for logged users and admin.

FIXED Various issues in the Blog module; version updated to 1.3

UPDATED Geolocation module now has Country - Language - Currency relations. Module version updated to 1.3.

FIXED Geolocation now displays Everywhere in region select and changes related language and currency when users change their region.

FIXED Shop activate and deactivate notifications. Fixed search to not display items from inactive shops. Fixed user items link in admin.

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