Getsy 1.15 and PayPal changes

Getsy 1.15 and PayPal changes

The latest version of our Etsy Clone script brings about a significant change in the payment flows.

After receiving feedback from PayPal we have replaced the Chained Payments API in our system with support for Parallel Payments, which means everyone that have their apps already approved will have multivendor cart in their marketplaces after the update WITHOUT THE NEED TO REAPPLY.

This means that users will be able to pay for purchases from different sellers in a single transaction, as long as the shops are active. Items from inactive shops will be automatically purged from the buyer's cart.

In addition, Getsy 1.15 introduces a new PayPal Standard module (sold separately), which completely replaces the pre-approval system. Activating this module only requires your PayPal email; no PayPal app is needed, so you won’t have to go through an approval process for it.

In order for the administrator to receive commission when using this module, he will need to purchase and install our Virtual wallet module. You sellers will have to have positive balance available in their Virtual Waller, so that when buyers pay directly to them, Getsy will automatically withdraw the commission from the seller wallet balance.

Items in Seller cart can now be paid using both Wallet balance, or using PayPal Standard.

In addition to all the updates for working with the new PayPal APIs, each seller’s Wallet balance can now be edited by the administrator. Changes by the admin will appear in the Seller purchases section. 

For a full list of changes please visit our changelog!

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