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Change log

Version 2.4.7

Image color parser on detail page open fix
Support https for google map and other
Payment provider name translate
Pin Houzz like button fix text for translate and change like/unlike for houzz
Add/remove to wishlist fix text for translate for houzz
Menu FUN tablet & Mobile fix for houzz
Fix text change ajax & active on line & wishlist buttons for houzz
Add background & style in wishlist & like button for houzz
Profile in detail page pin hover menu style for houzz

Version 2.4.6

Geolocation general fixes
Fixes on maintanace mode

Version 2.4.5
RTL fixes
YouTube crawler fixes
Popshops API change
General fixes

Version 2.4.4 

Admin panel login fixes
IOS9 upload fix
Subscriptions method fixes
PayPal subscription fix
Fixes for free subscription
Subscription general fixes
Fix change languiage under IOS

Version 2.4.3

MySQL strict mode off is enabled
Popshops modul fixes
Google analytics fix
General fixes

Version 2.4.2

UPDATED: Upload limitations removed

UPDATED: Auto load dinamic css files

UPDATED: Track orders payed via Virtual wallet

UPDATED: Installer was improved in order to keep the installation process alive

FIXED: Item video preview fix for responsive version

FIXED: Tags are now displayed

FIXED: Success page was fixed to display some of subscriptions

FIXED: Adult crawlers fixed

FIXED: Logo is now displayed on the welcome page

NEWImprovment of the modules installation process and system update notifications

NEWImprovment of the add to cart process


Version 2.3.3

UPDATED: MySQL optimization.

UPDATED: Marketplace - addresses, order totals, item gallery and shipping updated.

UPDATED: Categories by interests module.

FIXED: 404 error on user profile pages.

FIXED: Facebook error.


Version 2.3.2

UPDATED: Cities and states now displayed in alphabetical order in both filders and droopdown selectors.

FIXED: Erroneous URLs of user profile pages.

FIXED: Errors in search.

FIXED: Facebook module default status set to off, related errors occuring no more.


Version 2.3.1

UPDATED: Installer routine

UPDATED: Facebook module

NEW: Theme switch in admin panel

FIXED: Editor popup

FIXED: Wishlist add close buttons

UPDATED: Phone number displayed in order details


Version 2.3.0

NEW: administrators can now add balance to user Virtual wallet from the backed.

FIXED: all prices in Products by location are the same.

NEW: free shipping allowed.

UPDATED: blog excerpts.

FIXED: Facebook module names and profile image not retrieved.

FIXED: errors when ordering free seller packages.

FIXED: uploading product under Free marketplace leads to 404 page.

FIXED: item category dropped when editing.

NEW: Virtual wallet balance display widget.

FIXED: Blog module exception when adding an article.

FIXED: Errors when purchasing user group subscription.

FIXED: Search button can't be clicked.

UPDATED: Facebook and Twitter modules.

REMOVED: link on poweruser icon leading to 404 page.

NEW: direct link to user group subscription packages list in the footer.

FIXED: tag autocomplete popup hiding tag entry field.

FIXED: long button titles pushing user menu and cart on the next row.

FIXED: Cash on delivery module cannot be re-installed.

UPDATED: Power user package titles are now required in all languages.

REMOVED: automatically added withdraw request upon successful deposit in Virtual wallet.

UPDATED: Sort filter options text spilling out the highlighted zone.

FIXED: display spillout when switching from modular to base view on home page.

FIXED: error when seller attempts to connect with an existing Stripe account.

FIXED: slider appearing on every page.

FIXED: errors in admin panel.

UPDATED: mobile layouts, map spilling out.

FIXED: logo in notification emails not displayed.

FIXED: errors when trying to unistall Blog module and delete data.

NEW: numerous texts can now be translated.


Version 2.2

NEW: widget builder module now available for download.

NEW: search feature in the translation console - easily find the text you wish to update!

UPDATED: [multi]currency support for 3rd party modules.

UPDATED: search engine.

UPDATED: rating system - user rating display.

UPDATED: collections now appear in catalog.

UPDATED: Geolocation and maps module now requires a Google API key.

UPDATED: Subscription module packages now also have a help text.

FIXED: installation problems.

FIXED: "Remove from menu" toggles in admin panel link management.

FIXED: errors with most popular and best seller items.

FIXED: Shop by location problems.

FIXED: following system.

FIXED: subcategory listing.

FIXED: Blog - adding new article issue.

FIXED: member names not appearing in notification messages.

FIXED: errors due to user being deleted.

FIXED: admin dashboard spillouts.

FIXED: drag-and-drop feature for new product image.

FIXED: welcome page.

FIXED: power user following issue.

FIXED: power user following issue.

FIXED: Twitter and price filter errors, item listing display.


Version 2.0

NEW: easy installation prompt with built-in compatibility checker.

NEW: entirely new system core for faster searches and item display.

NEW: entirely new look and feel based on feedback from our customers.

NEW: create your mobile marketplace with our new responsive design.

NEW: new Auction module lets sellers create auctions for their items with vendor-defined duration and start price. Supports high and automatic bids, considers bid submission timestamp for determining auction winner.

NEW: Type filter now displays separately pins for sale and auctioned products.

NEW: Optional payment module with support for credit cards added (CCBill).

NEW: add-on Rating module module now available. After a sale completes participating seller and buyer can rate and comment on each other’s performance (applies for all types of listings and products).

NEW: A separate Rating filter lets users display items from highest rated users first. Applies for both regularly sold and auctioned items.

NEW: faster category and search page and pin loading - up to 12 times faster than version 1.15.

NEW: built-in WYSIWYG editor in product description field.

NEW: choose the order of images in the product gallery, remove and add new images.

NEW: products are attached directly to the categories (no shop sections).

UPDATED: unified tag system for materials, usage, etc. (requires installed Tag module to work).

NEW: Interests by category module: connects items within a category under an Interest via an admin-defined tag (items with tag “porcelain”). The interest can be followed by users instead of the whole category. Requires the Tag module to work.

NEW: Popshops crawler - select products from a catalog of over 100 million items to import and create the ultimate affiliate marketplace!

NEW: Skimlinks converter - adds your affiliate link to every product imported from a Skimlinks partnering site.

NEW: Power user module - members can gain automatic followers for a monthly fee.

NEW: Rest API Module - provides connection with the upcoming native iOS and Android apps.

NEW: Top users - displays the users with most followers, the most liked and favorited items.

UPDATED: info boxes for related products pins and user on product detail page reworked to reduce loading times.

NEW: wishlists contain links to items sold instead of duplicates.

NEW: in-page browsing experience improved: using the Previous and Next buttons on item detail page will display the previous or next next product in the current profile, category or search results page.

NEW: PayPal Standard and Shopping cart are now integral parts of the system at purchase.

NEW: the Subscriptions module now connects directly to the User groups and permissions interface to monetize access to admin-define groups (e.g. monthly fee for seller privileges).

UPDATED: Business profile module - adds more info fields to user profiles.

UPDATED: Variations module simplified and built into the system.

NEW: Chat and online status module

NEW: Home page slider module - adds a large slider banner to the top of your home site’s page.

FIXED: if you landed on a product page via a direct link, Getsy v.2 will place you back on the item page after log-in.

FIXED: product image titles have been corrected.

NEW: user mentioning implemented in product comments - you can mention users following you by typing @ and their [user]names to notify them of the product.


Getsy 1.15


UPDATED: Design changes, including RTL design updates.

NEW: PayPal Standard module now available (purchased separately).

NEW: Virtual Wallet deposit by PayPal Standard.

NEW: all 26 currencies supported by PayPal can now be used by both the built-in PayPal module, AND the PayPal Standard module.

NEW: PayPal Chained Payments replaced by Parallel Payments to comply with PayPal .

NEW: Administrator can now manuall change Virtual Wallet balance in admin panel.

FIXED: Virtual Wallet now uses default currency of admin's PayPal account settings.

UPDATED: Virtual Wallet to work with Express Checkout Parallel payments API.

UPDATED: seller cart to work with Express Checkout Parallel payments API.

As a result of the above you can now have a working multivendor cart with your APPROVED PayPal app.

FIXED: filters in

FIXED: items don't hide filters anymore.

FIXED: Digital items module.

FIXED: item popup variation price calculation.

UPDATED: auto remove cart items from inactive shops.

FIXED: blank cart page for items from disabled shops.

FIXED: header user menu and shop links.

FIXED: Virtual Wallet checks.

UPDATED: Cash on delivery module.

UPDATED: Bank payment module.

FIXED: item search.

FIXED: Authorize button on get paid page not to show if PayPal email not exist or is changed.

FIXED: header and footer margin on pop-up open.

FIXED: changing category parent errors.

FIXED: user SEO URL after changing username.

UPDATED: Disable popup preview and pagination' in system settings to avoid items not displaying in category listings.

FIXED: login under IE.

FIXED: item picture remove error.


Getsy v.1.14


NEW: Virtual wallet module support added.

FIXED: Link "See who favorited this shop" now displays proper users.

Various other "invisible" fixes.


Getsy v.1.13


NEW: Item types are hard coded mno longer - you can add unlimited item types and can be translated. Item type filter was updated to 1.2

NEW: Shops will now remain inactive until a valid PayPal pre-approval key is obtained. Shops will automatically be  activated when a pre-approval key is obtained and if they are not disabled by admin.

NEW: Added new cron for paypal which will notify users for expiring pre-approval keys and will deactivate shops if key is invalid

FIXED: Notifications above header will no longer hide filters.

FIXED: User search display styles.

NEW: Added item gallery carousel if pictures are more than 5.

NEW: If user or shop is inactive, the system redirects to 404 instead of back to home page.

FIXED: Missing translations in treasury list activity.

FIXED: JS URL encoding in pop-up.

FIXED: Treasury translations.

FIXED: Treasury lists edit redirect for not logged users.

FIXED: Home treasury settings redirect after install.

FIXED: Templates for new order.

FIXED: Cancelled status check.

NEW: Optimized translation queries        

FIXED: Translation errors for 404 pages

FIXED: Local pickup status check.

FIXED: User profile page metas.

FIXED: Loading items in category when "Disable popup preview and pagination" option is active

FIXED: "My Shop" link in header for logged users and admin.

FIXED: Various issues in the Blog module; version updated to 1.3

UPDATED: Geolocation module now has Country - Language - Currency relations. Module version updated to 1.3.

FIXED: Geolocation now displays Everywhere in region select and changes related language and currency when users change their region.

FIXED: Shop activate and deactivate notifications. Fixed search to not display items from inactive shops. Fixed user items link in admin.


Getsy v.1.12


NEW: PayPal cron to check for payment status update and change it in the system if PayPal updates it. Sellers will have to authorize checks in Step 2 of creating their shops.

NEW: Bank Transfer module, saving shop bank account and choosing shop payment methods (Full version only)

NEW: Cash on delivery module (Full version only)

NEW: Added functionallity to list payment methods on item detail page

NEW: more PayPal currencies

NEW: new module available – Filtering by cities

Fixed: note to seller in the cart and notification templates

Fixed: treasury module, including creating new treasury list

Fixed: categories proper navigation after edit in admin

Fixed: pages and category status in the admin.

Fixed: added scroll in all popups.

Due to permission issues PayPal digital goods notification to PayPal is disabled

Fixed: coupons link

Fixed: sections link when no shop exists

Fixed: change password in user settings (account no longer deactivates)

Fixed: forgotten password link in login prompt

NEW: working Instagram module

Fixed: Coupons working with PHP 5.3

Fixed: coupons can now be applied after a certain item total

Fixed: user address validation and saving in user settings.

NEW: checks if Installation module is still in the files. If you haven’t removed it – system will not work.

Changed: database structure.

Fixed: Digital Items cron

Fixed: Facebook friend invites.

Fixed: Item Video module installation

Fixed: links on item detail page that require users to be logged in

Fixed: Facebook and Twitter sharing links in pop-up mode.

Fixed: contact link on user page and in shopping cart if user is not logged in

Fixed: item quantity bug when copying an item. Variations module updated.

Fixed: accents and Cyrillic characters in SEO URLs.

NEW: Displaying payment method and bank account details in purchases details and confirmation pages

Fixed user invitations by admin

Shipping filter updated to 1.1, now supports filter by cities if cities module is installed

Updated: shop and items are deactivated if subscription is required and renewal is disabled by the seller. Item and shops are hidden until a payment is confirmed.

Updated: items listing fee is set to “Paid” and status is set to active if seller has a subscription with unlimited listings

Fixed: Geolocation module error

Fixed: loading if no avatar image for shops

Menu Plugins renamed to Extensions in admin


Updates in Getsy patch 1.11


Updated: the entire system for patching and module upload and management.

Fixed: activity templates, item listing templates, search now uses a standard template.

Fixed: item image upload under Internet Explorer.

Search box bug fixed.

Critical updates to the installer.

Fixes on adding items to treasuries and favorites.

Login fixes.

Updates to a number of modules.


Changes in Getsy v.1.1


Lucene search indexing fixes and code optimization.

Added support for separate modules/extensions.

RTL support fixes.

Added ability for 0 commission.

Fixed: dashboard alignment and statistics.

Fixed: sidebar.

Added seller cart - a place where store owners can buy additional perks for their shops.

Free services - ammount of 0 converted to the user's currency instead of displayed in the default one.

Fixed: problems when item is out of stock.

Fixed: overlay problems.

VAT now fixed and working properly.


Getsy v. 1.0.4 updates


Please note that installing the patch may take time. This is due to the fact that the patch makes a change to the search engine and reindexes all entries in your marketplace.

RTL support for Arabic and other languages added. To enable RTL layout please go to Localizations > Languages, edit your language and select Yes in the bottom option (Right to left). Save your changes - the RTL layout will be available for the particular language only.

A complete banner system - you can add HTML banners to any and all product pages in your marketplace (general listings, category pages, product view pages).

Search engine is now finding numbers and partial words in ALL languages.

Usernames now can only contain letters.

Fixed: PayPal amount rounding error.

Fixed: option selection display on mobile devices.

Previous and Next items in fancybox mode are now with fixed position.

A number of Internet Explorer display fixes.

Approving a product no longer generates errors.

Adding new countries generates no errors.

Search engine no longer joins searched words together.

Editing the SEO query of a country doesn't generate errors anymore.

Fixed: item listings layout when there are no items in a category.

In the About and Policies pop-ups of each shop the name of the shop is now printed instead of "Name".

Shop policies now displayed with new rows, other tags still stripped.

Added preapproval key and errors check for chained payments.


Getsy v.1.0.3


Fixed system errors.


Getsy v.1.0.2 changes:


Added reported sellers, items and stores.

Confirmation page fixes, added shipping company in purchases shipping status.

PayPal settings fixes, incl. extra field added.

Added an option to remove monthly limit on transactions after administrator has made an agreement with PayPal.

Miscellaneous fixes.


Getsy v.1.0.1 changes:


Fixed: bug in contact form.

Added: loaders and Next button on preapproval page.

Added: Next button on shipment page.

Fixed: changing PayPal email in shop payment account.

Added: option for free shipping.

Cart change / remove quantity fixes.

Purchase status change fix.

Miscellaneous fixes.

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