Marketplace Script Nulled

Marketplace Script Nulled

There are a lot of sites on the Internet offering a product called “Getsy Nulled”. While they might claim to provide free downloads of the Getsy software, you should be warned that 99% of the time the endpoint is the same site, a fake download of our Getsy script, or worse still, a virus site.

These websites make their money through advertising, using paid platforms like

Other sites offer membership in a “group purchase” of Getsy. They claim that once the organizer has raised enough money to buy a licensed copy, they’ll crack and share the software with everyone who’s contributed.

Don't be fooled by this scam, though.

If for some reason you get hold of a “Getsy Nulled” script, there are several important reasons not to use it:

  • You will never get updates for newer versions.

  • No bug fixes are available for illegal copies.

  • You’ll get no support, either.

  • We have spiders that gather data from all our customers, and flag illegal installs. If you use an illegal copy of Getsy, your domain name will be recorded and it will never work with our script.

  • You’ll have no access to our community, which is a great place to find handy tips on making money with your script.

  • Being caught running a business on illegal software can seriously damage your professional reputation.

And finally:

When we find you, we will prosecute.

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