Featured Products Module for Etsy Clone Script

Featured Products

Featured Products

This excellent monetization tool is useful to both - the site admin and his paying customers.

What changes brings in your Getsy 2 site?
Once installed, this module allows to the members of your website to purchase subscriptions for promotion their posts and products to the top of the home page. Any product which is featured appears at the top of the category page in which belongs. On the homepage of all users will be  displayed the featured products even to those that are not following their authors.

Control over the subscriptions - In the admin panel of their Getsy sites, owners can create subscription packages for featuring products. The durations are set from one to more days, and the prices are up to the administrator’s decision. After confirmation from PayPal is received automatically a product becomes featured. Important: purchasing a featured product is an actual subscription - it is a recurrent charge on the buyer’s PayPal account. It can be disabled by the user himself.



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Why do you need this module?

  1. Efficient method for monetization
  2. Attractive for sellers and influencers as promotional tool
  3. Easy management and instant results - the products are featured at the top of the home page immediately after payment confirmation.
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