Geolocation Module for Etsy Clone Script

Geolocation and Maps

Geolocation and Maps

Having your Getsy website on the global network, users all over the world will be seeing it, literally from everywhere.

What if they want to see only items that are local to them?
What if purchasing decisions for many of your buyers depend on how close the seller is, or the shipping costs?

What do you do to satisfy the users’ needs?
The answer is simple – purchase and install our Geolocation module.

It will display pins and products that have their location set closest to the visitor. The user’s whereabouts can be determined in one of two ways:

  • the user shares his location through the browser,
  • the system automatically resolves the location based on the visitor’s IP address

The feature is especially useful when users are shopping by location, and looking for the closest supplier of a particular item. The members of our Trippy clone websites will also find this module helpful, because they will be able to get actual data, visual clues and directions to the exact location they would like to visit.  (new page, interactive contemporary view displays Shop by location, more intuitive.)


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Useful for visitors to discover the sellers, products and places that are closest to him
  2. No need for additional installations - the user can either share his location through the browser, or the system automatically resolves his location based on the IP address he’s visiting the site from
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