Auction Module for Etsy Clone Script

Auction Website Builder

Auction Website Builder

This module has been added to the new version by popular demand. We respect our customer feedback and have committed to delivering it to you as a way to show our appreciation for your support.

It also solves a big problem with marketplace scripts - very few of them offer auction mode of selling as a ready module. Most companies offer developing a custom module which is costly and often lacking essential features.

Since you are not going to pay the full development cost of the module the initial investment will not hurt your budget, and you will get the Auctioning capability the moment this module is installed to your marketplace.

Your sellers will also barely notice the difference - there are just two extra fields - for the duration in days, and for the starting price of the auction.

The best thing is the module will work for both regular and digital products, which makes it incredibly versatile.

More features:

  • there are pre-set bidding steps depending on the starting price or current high bid (just like on eBay),

  • if your bid is higher than the current price + 1 bidding step - it is considered the maximum bid.

  • the module supports automatic bids. Getsy will automatically bid with the minimum step required until your maximum bid is reached.

  • like on eBay it matters when a bid has been submitted - if there are two bids with the same amount - the one posted earlier wins the auction.

  • the module supports an unlimited number of auctions (or the maximum number the seller’s  subscription allows). Each bid can have different durations and initial price.

  • built-in e-mail reminder sent to sellers 1 hour prior auction ends.

Requires installed and configured Marketplace module to work.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Create your own eBay clone with just 1 additional module.
  • Attract buyers and sellers looking for better deals.
  • Additional opportunity to earn money from your sellers.
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