Bank Wire Transfer Module for Etsy Clone Script

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer

The advantage of online trading is that it provides many options and overcomes the limitations when users have to go to their local store. One such limitation is the lack of payment options. By default our online marketplace comes with standard PayPal integration, which provides instant payments and (in some countries) payments with credit cards. We offer solution for communities and countries where main part of the users do not trust in the online payments. For these cases you can install the Bank wire transfer module. Sellers may choose to offer this payment option. The only thing they have to do is to add their bank details and a check box to enable it.

When users select this option to complete the order, they will see the bank details of the seller instead of being redirected to PayPal. After completion of the  payment, the seller can send the goods purchased, and mark the order status accordingly.

Please note that the payment method is only available when ordering products, and cannot be used to purchase subscriptions.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Suitable in environments where offline payments are preferable (or online methods are unavailable)
  2. Simple payment method with easy tracking
  3. Less fees, commissions etc.
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