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Whether you are a designer, a tailor or another type of craftsman that has now turned to online business - your creations are a way of expression. So you might wonder what is the point of having a blog, and on your site at that. Actually there are a number of good reasons you will be better off blogging on your own site that is also your own marketplace.

  1. The company blog, or a marketplace blog is where you communicate with your customers and followers. Whether it’s frustrations with the business, professional tips for your fellow craftsmen, etc. - you’d better put that on the screen for everyone to read.
  2. It might be the best way to signify change - the way you do business, updates to the site terms, a promotion, you name it - that should be on the blog.
  3. Drive traffic to products - include “buy now” buttons in your posts.
  4. Establish authority in the field - you know your trade better than most, so why not share and get your voice heard?
  5. Request user feedback - they can use the built-in Facebook comments* to respond to your call.
  6. Help your own SEO efforts - good content is always welcome for search engines.
  7. Charge subscriptions to user for access to blogging**.

The blog will add an extra link to the site navigation, and will be accessible to both members and visitors. Posts are displayed chronologically, with the latest on the top.

*Requires a configured Facebook app and users authorizing it.

**Subscriptions module required.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Direct communication between you and your visitors, vendors and buyers
  • Optional promotional channel
  • Take your SEO a step further by regularly adding relevant content
  • Earn extra money with subscriptions.
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