Cash on Delivery Payment Method for Etsy Clone Script

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Increase the sales in your site providing to your sellers additional payment method. Target new customers  and improve the quality of the sold products decreasing the risk of non satisfied customers, refunding and returned products. The most suitable solution for all this is the Cash on Delivery module. The bayers pay only after delivery and when are satisfied of the provided product. It is perfect for stores with second hand expensive products when the approval of the client is the most important goal.

You can add our Cash on delivery module to provide one more option to your sellers and buyers. Sellers need to enable the option for their stores by marking a checkbox, and buyer will be able to select the CoD option as available.

The only difference between the order types is that a CoD order does not include an online transaction. This means that the seller will have to perform all order status updates manually. All other system functions remain the same.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Additional payment option for your Marketplace
  2. Simple payment method with easy tracking
  3. Ideal for delivery businesses
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