Ships to City Filter for Etsy Clone Script

Ships to City Filter

Ships to City Filter

There are many shop owners, that would only deliver their products locally. In the online marketplace, discovering which items can be shipped to your city is often time-consuming process that requires a lot of trial and error, so much so that a buyer can simply decide not to proceed with his order through a particular site.

Help your buyers to filter the products they are looking for with a minimum effort by adding the “Ships to city” filter. After the users have selected their country from the “Ships to country” filter - a filter for states and cities will appear, showing all active locations within the country the user has selected. E.g. if the buyer has selected the United States of America from the country filter and you have configured states and cities for that country - first a state filter will appear. After the member selectes the state (e.g. Washington) - the available cities will appear (Seattle, Spokane, Olympia, etc.).

This will save time and effort for the shopper and will helping him make an informed decision.

The Ships to city filter requires an installed and activated Ships to country filter, as well as the Marketplace (and - optionally Geolocation) modules in order to work.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. visitors can discover quickly the vendors that ships to their location and select whom to purchase from.
  2. the products will be better segmented and the searches will be more accurate.
  3. your multi vendor website will attain a higher level of usability.
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