Coupon Management Module for Etsy Clone Script

Coupon Management

Coupon Management

From their advent in the late 19th century coupons have been a popular marketing channel. They are also very popular in online trade - so much so that in recent years sites offering coupon codes are amongst the most visited.

Coupons can also be useful to your vendors - both as a promotional tool, and as a method for getting feedback from customers on the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, or their pricing strategy.

If you want to add the option for creating discount codes in your marketplace - Amexi’s coupon module is the solution for you. The module is very easy to install and activate, and lets each vendor set an unlimited number of discount codes. Each coupon

  • has its own name - used for convenience of the seller,
  • offers discount by either fixed sum (e.g. $20) or percentage (20%),
  • has a seller-defined validity period.

The discount code itself is auto-generated by the system when the settings for the coupon is saved. The point is to have a unique and verifiable code that is hard to guess.

The module integrates automatically with the cart displaying a field for entering a coupon code. After the coupon is applied, the system will display the initial order amount, the amount the buyer saved, and the net total.

Getsy administrators can set access to the coupon module though the Groups and permissions settings, and can create pre-paid plans with Subscriptions module to provide access to sellers who want to offer coupons on their stores.


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Why do you need this module?

  • A proven promotional tool
  • A feedback channel with marketing research potential
  • Unlimited coupon codes can be created by each seller for their store
  • Optional paid access to the module via a plan in the Subscriptions module
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