Digital Marketplace script module for Etsy Clone Script

Digital Marketplace script

Digital Marketplace script

Most of our competing marketplace scripts are intended for solely tangible products. This means that if you want to also sell files to your customers you would have to purchase an additional script, another domain name, and pay a development company to connect the two sites so your users don’t have to register twice. Amexi offers a solution that will help you save considerable amount of time and money - the Digital Marketplace module.

This is a plug-and-play marketplace with digital goods module - install it to instantly upgrade your multi vendor marketplace to a script that sells both regular and digital products.

Notice we wrote “both” because your site’s capability to sell tangible products remain active.

All your vendors need to do to sell a file is select “Digital product” when adding a product. This will automatically

  • display a field for uploading the file for sale,
  • disable the shipping options, as the file will be made available for download directly from the site at no additional cost.

Please note that all other attributes of a product remain active - that includes the product gallery and the item video preview (if installed).

Another positive effect of the module is that you can actually sell any type of file. The uploads must be compressed in a ZIP archive, so your vendors could be offering images, photographs, e-books, audio and video files, project files, effects, etc.

There are no limits to the file size, other than the upload limit on your server - notice the files are stored locally!

Important security features of the module:

the system checks if the user has actually purchased the file he requests a download for,

there is no direct address of the file that can be accessed - URLs are temporary.

This ensures only paying customers will have access to the files and that intellectual rights of your sellers are protected.

This module offers a one-stop upgrade to your Getsy marketplace - transform your social shopping platform into a file marketplace!


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Why do you need this module?

  • One module upgrade for your Getsy marketplace
  • Increase sales on your site, attracts a wider spectrum of sellers
  • One-click change from tangible to digital product
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