Google Analytics Pro Connect for Etsy Clone Script

Google Analytics Pro Connect

Google Analytics Pro Connect

If you are used to Google Analytics Pro statistics - then this is the module for you. Simply install, add your Pro key in the admin panel, and the required data will be passed on to Google.

Getsy does feature a number of tools to follow sign-up, subscriptions, store and products counts. Support for Google Analytics is built into the basic system since version 1.0 - all you need to do is insert your Google key.

To gain access to the sales statistics you need to use a Google Analytics Pro key. For this you need the Amexi Google Analytics Pro Connect module - simply install and place your new key into the base settings for the system.

The module adds all the tags required for Google to collect the respective data, and provide comprehensive reports in their dashboard.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Easy integration
  2. easy installation and management
  3. quick access to reports of sales, visitors etc.
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