Image Watermark Module for Getsy 2

Image Watermark

Image Watermark

When you own an online marketplace it will be accessible to people from around the world - both potential buyers and sellers. Those of them offering products might be artisans creating one-off items, or users paying for professional product photoshoots. They are looking for a way to protect their investment and copyright.

With our Image Watermark Module the site administrator can upload an image that will appear on all product images uploaded on the marketplace script it is installed on. The site owner can easily replace the image, as well as control where it will be placed over the item photograph itself.

The module is extremely easy to use, and will not stamp user or store avatars and cover images. It is a convenient and fully automated way to protect images that you or your merchants own the copyright to.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Automated product image protection for all merchants on your site.
  2. Because all items will have their galleries stamped with the watermark - any product image saved will still bear your logo or address.
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