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Local Pickup

Local Pickup

A significant proportion of the buyers on your website will be looking for local merchants to purchase from. Many of them will still be happy to pass through a store and pick their goods by themselves - whether because they are bulky, or just because the shop was on route.

If the sellers are willing to provide this option to their clients, then you can install the Local Pickup Module.

Merchants will need to activate this option from their “Payment Providers” panel in the Store settings. When it is enabled, buyers will be able to select it during checkout, and no shipping charges will be applied, reducing the total.

This will also eliminate the shipping and handling time for the merchant, which results in a “win-win” solution for both sides.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Since there are no shipping charges the overall order cost is reduced - shops become more attractive.
  2. Sellers avoid shipping and handling.
  3. Lower prices also mean lower transaction fees when paying online.
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