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Mailchimp Newsletter Signup Module

Mailchimp Newsletter Signup Module

Mailing lists are an excellent opportunity to communicate with your subscribers, whether you are building a community website or a marketplace website. You can use them to send information about promotions, policy updates and much more. Mailing lists can be customized to match your site design and the purpose of the message, and include formatted text and multimedia.

You can install the Mailchimp Newsletter Signup Module When activated on your website, the module adds a form for your members to sign up to a newsletter that you have created through your Mailchimp account. The module works with all plans that the popular mailing service offers, whether free or corporate. All you need to do is enter your Mailchimp mailing list credentials (API key and ID) into the settings of the module.

You can manage the list - its content, subscribers, etc. - and send it through your account with Mailchimp.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Gain an extra marketing channel - send custom offers to your subscribers,

  2. Notify subscribers of updates to terms, etc.

  3. Customize your newsletter to match a season or your offer
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