PayPal Standard Module

PayPal Standard Module

PayPal Standard Module

Our PayPal Standard Module is an alternative to the PayPal Express Checkout and Adaptive payments for Getsy admins who'd like to keep things simple*. With this module sellers must make deposits to their virtual wallets in order for the administrator to receive commission from each sale.

When installed on Getsy 1.15 or higher marketplace, this module only needs the administrator's PayPal email and the Virtual Wallet v.1.1 module to start working. There is no need for site owners and administrators to apply for PayPal apps and go through reviews, as the system only uses the simplest API. No pre-approvals are required either.

Payment is made directly from buyer to seller; Getsy will automatically withdraw the commission from the seller's virtual wallet balance.


Requires Getsy v.1.15+ and our Virtual Wallet Module v.1.1 to work


Virtual Wallet module

*Please note this method does not support multi-vendor checkout, so purchases from different sellers will have to each be paid by a separate transaction.


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