Power User Module for Etsy Clone Script

Power User Module

Power User Module

The Power user module offers an automated solution for charging user privileges and update permissions. Any user may select a suitable package and then pays for it via PayPal. As soon as the payment is confirmed – the user will be automatically upgraded to Power user status. The process is automated so no manual actions required during the whole process. After becoming Power user all user’s products will carry a special symbol denoting their special status. Also the Power use will be automatically followed by all new users, who register on your site after he paid for Power user status. As a result the products of the Power users will appear on all new users' Home page. This perk is available to the Power users while their subscriptions last. After the Power user package expires the member will lose all automatic subscribers. This will push them to renew their subscriptions.

This module is perfect promotional tool for your community members, and a simple way for Getsy site owners to create a steady revenue stream. 

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Why do you need this module?

  1. Admirable sales tool - the Power users are charged every time when their subscription expires until deactivation. No need for reminders
  2. No limit in setting up of packages
  3. Paying customers have incentive to recur subscription (or they lose their automatic followers)
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