Top sellers Module for Etsy Clone Script

Top Sellers Module

Top Sellers Module

The quality service and products are always searched the most, so having a filter that scores the sellers by their rating is something you should not miss in your multi vendor marketplace website. Just like the biggest online marketplaces, the feedback consists of a 1-to-5 star rating and a text comment. Imagine coming across a listing of a luxury diamond necklace, being sold at a very attractive price on a site with no rating system.

Would you buy the necklace considering you have no information of the seller’s previous trades?

Now imagine there are 2 sellers, where the first one is having 3 positive ratings and the other one is having 3 negative ratings. What would your decision be?
We're here to help. Our Top seller module will display all shop owners in your marketplace by their rating in descending order - the ones with highest rating will be on top.

Fake ratings are impossible, because only the users that participated in a trade can leave their feedback. This will result in more quality rating, more happy customers and more money for you.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. users can search, discover and sort users faster and more efficient
  2. your website becomes more user-friendly and complete
  3. now that the visitors know how to find a better purchasing option, they will be willing to buy more
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