Ships to Country Filter for Etsy Clone Script

Ships to Country Filter

Ships to Country Filter

Your successful website has attracted many sellers from around the world. They have posted multiple products and now many potential buyers are visiting your website, ready to shop. They use the powerful search engine and the type filter, but many of the results are simply not shipped to their country.

How to easily help the buyers find out which products can be delivered, right to their door?
They can simply select their homeland from the list in the “ships to country” filter. All products that the sellers would sent to that destination, will be displayed in the search results page. Using the filter, requires an installed and activated Marketplace or Geolocation module to work.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. users can easily select which shop to purchase from.
  2. now that the visitors know how to find a better purchasing option, they will be willing to buy more.
  3. they can bookmark the relevant stores and later will be happy to return to your website.
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