Sort Filter Module for Etsy Clone Script

Sort Filter Module

Sort Filter Module

Products in the online stores, usually are displayed in chronological order – the latest items are up to top. This is not always a suitable solution, as if buyers are looking for a brand or particular product by name, it might take them too much time to discover it on the site. They might also be looking for products that were added earlier on, or for a specific price range. The more time the buyer spends to discover what he wants to purchase – the lesser his initiative to keep looking goes. This is where our “Sort” filter comes in help.

Completely automated, quickly displaying the results the way buyers needs them, the “Sort” filter can show products in ascending or descending order for all prices, names and publishing date. This is very handy trick for buyers looking for something particular and for displaying accurate search results. The “Sort” filter requires an installed and activated Marketplace module to work.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. buyers can arrange products by price, title, or publishing date
  2. the filter helps your users to discover accurate results faster.
  3. it makes purchasing decisions for users easier - this means more sales.
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