Accept credit card payments through Stripe

Stripe Payment Module

Stripe Payment Module

The latest versions of our product range all offer built-in PayPal payment processing module. To expand your outreach and serve customers who would rather use their credit card directly – you can use our Stripe module.

Why would you choose Stripe?

  • Accept credit card payments from ANYWHERE around the world.
  • Clear billing policy: fixed charges of 2,9% + 30¢ per transaction; no other fees apply.
  • Serving businesses in some of the biggest economies worldwide and continues to rapidly expand.
  • Supports purchasing products and paying for subscriptions (recurring payments).
  • Instant PCI compliance – CC data is never sent to your site, it is directly processed by Stripe.
  • Better security of customer data (see previous point).
  • Simple payment interface without redirecting your customers off-site!
  • Strong fraud prevention practices.
  • Optional phone verification if buyer elects to save his card details in the browser (no additional cost involved).
  • Multiple channels of vendor support.

Overall this is a great selling tool helping you to serve even more customers online.


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Why do you need this module?

1. Accept credit card payments from around the world.

2. Intuitive payment interface keeps customers on-site (no redirects to other websites to confirm payment).

3. Instant PCI compliance: card data is only accessed by Stripe.

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