Subscriptions Module for Etsy Clone Script

Subscriptions Module

Subscriptions Module

You marketplace script comes with a user group privilege management system. It helps you create user groups with specific access rights - e.g. publishing products, creating coupon codes, access to business profiles, etc.

The Subscriptions module is a method for charging your users fees for the access and seller rights you provide them - it replaces the commission method from Getsy v.1. E.g. if a member wants to sell products in your marketplace he will need to pay a monthly subscription to be able to list items in his store.

You can add the Subscriptions module at any time. Create user groups, then the pre-paid plans for user privileges (the groups you created). When a member pays his subscription he is automatically upgraded to the respective user group, and remains a member as long as he is paying the respective fee. If the monthly payments are cancelled - the user will be automatically downgraded to the default user group.

You can create subscriptions for accessing any user group, created through User groups and permissions panel. Each subscription can have a different recurrent period, price and be assigned to different groups. Below are a few examples of subscription plans you can create:

Seller - grants access to listing items for sale.

Business package - Seller package + access to the Business profile*.

Business Plus - as above plus ability to create discount codes*.

Business influencer - further extension of the package with option to publish in the site blog*.

There are no limitations on how many plans you can create and use.

When a user elects to upgrade he will be directed to a checkout - if he uses the default PayPal method he will be automatically upgraded to the respective package as soon as he is back on your website (provided payment is OK**). Getsy will automatically track subscriptions and charge the users’ accounts accordingly. Subscription upgrades are also available - and the upgrading user will only be charged the price difference.

Important: The Power user and The Featured products modules are sold separately and provide a different kind of subscriptions (promoting users or products) access to which is not managed by this module.

*Only available with the respective modules.

**Subject to PayPal terms and conditions. Individual payments can be subjected to verification by the payment processor and can take up to 24 hours.


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Why do you need this module?

  • Powerful tool for monetizing access rights.
  • Works seamlessly with the Groups and permissions panel
  • Automated subscribing, upgrading and subscription tracking - no manual actions required.
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of scubscription packages.
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