Tags Module for Etsy Clone Script

Tags Module

Tags Module

Tags are important and increasingly popular method for additional linking of content across a website. The method is based on keywords being added to a post. In Getsy, the tags are entered in a separate field for each product page. You and your sellers can use relevant keywords as tags to better describe the products, to make them more discoverable in the search engine and to connect with other items, posted on the site that are using the same tags.

They are indexed and when displayed or searched for - provide links to other pages containing similar keywords.

For example, when you are uploading a green skirt for sale, you can add tags like “green”, “skirt”, “cotton”, the brand name, etc. This means that your product will appear in the search results for the tags you entered, and will also be connected as related item to any other product in your site that has the same tags (any or all of them). These related items will appear both in the search results pages. They will help you increase the exposure of your posts and bring them closer to more users.

There is more: tags that you enter for each product page are displayed in the detail page under the description. They are also automatically turned into links - when clicked the link will lead to a search results page, displaying all other products that are having the same tags. E.g. when you click the “green” tag a new page will appear, listing all the items that use tag “green”.


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Why do you need this module?

  1. Better description of the published products
  2. Increasing the exposure of the published posts and bringing them closer to more users
  3. makes the products more discoverable in the search engine
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