Product Video Preview Module for Etsy Clone Script

Product Video Preview Module

Product Video Preview Module

Buyers rarely feel confident enough for purchasing a product online because sellers often add misleading images, short descriptions and rarely showing their products in use. What can change the attitude towards a product and a seller is a video showing the product “in action”.

Thanks to this module vendors can include a YouTube video to the product listing by simply pasting the video URL in the designated box. The video’s preview is automatically integrated into the product gallery, and is played directly within the preview box on the product page. Playback will not be redirecting users off to YouTube, so you will not be losing visitors not buyers.

The seller can upload the video to his own channel on YouTube, add relevant tags and a link to your website - this will improve both his product visibility and the SEO of your website.


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Why do you need this module?

  • The best presentation of product’s use
  • Improves buyer attitude
  • Simple use: just paste the video URL to integrate directly in the product gallery
  • Assists buyers in making their purchasing decision, and improves his attitude towards the seller
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