Virtual Wallet Module for Etsy Clone Forest

Virtual Wallet Module

Virtual Wallet Module

Version 1.5 of the Wallet module is intended as a replacement of the PayPal pre-approval key system. Using this module Sellers will still receive their money on the listed PayPal account, whether using the built-in PayPal module with a PayPal app, or combined with our PyaPal Stabdard module.

Instead of using the pre-approval key, commission will be transferred to the admin’s account from a pre-loaded virtual balance that is the Wallet.

Sellers can add money from their PayPal account in the Billing step, and commission is automatically transferred over to the site owner whenever a purchase occurs.

The admins can set up a treshold that will notify sellers by email that under a certain wallet balance their shop will be disabled in 7 days.

This module requires Getsy 1.5 to work.

*Sellers can also purchase subscription packages if there is a Subscription module installed on the Getsy marketplace.


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