Widget builder module for Getsy 2

Widget builder module

Widget builder module

The widget builder is a tool that generates embed code for product, profile and collection previews on third party websites.

The widget builder can prove useful when you want to make a particular product, user profile or collection popular on your network, when you would like to attract more users to your website, or when you want to measure your community’s engagement.

When all properties for the particular widget are entered the system will generate the HTML embed code that users need to copy and paste into a particular website. After embedding is done, an action button or a preview will appear depending on what widget you’ve chosen to build.

The Widget builder offers options to create code for a Follow button (one-click user following), Product widget (display a product preview with an image, title and price), Profile widget (embed a profile opreview), or Collection widget (embed a collection preview).


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Available Options

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Why do you need this module?

  1. embed and promote a product, a user, or a collection as a part of a forum signature, website sidebar, etc.,
  2. attract users to your website through embedding relevant content and action buttons to various websites,
  3. measure user activity and response by using the counter in the widget.
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