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Etsy Clone Script v 2.4

Check the improvements of our multi vendor marketplace script.

Start your own marketplace website the easy way - by installing our multi vendor marketplace script with all the necessary features.

Getsy is PHP marketplace script that is easy to install, setup, customize and upgrade. It is fully modular, and has a responsive design which makes it mobile-compatible. It is the best Etsy clone software money can buy.

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Etsy Clone Script v 2.4

After you install Getsy on a server it can be either used as an online shop where the owner is the sole seller, or as a multi vendor marketplace script where many sellers can list their products. If you’re looking for an Etsy Clone script to build a marketplace website, be sure to check out our system’s built-in features

  1. unlimited number of users, sellers and items,
  2. intuitive interface for browsing, listing and purchasing products,
  3. unlimited categories for better segmentation,
  4. each product has a separate detail page with unique URL, its own product gallery, text description, ability to add options (with separate prices and quantity) and shipping details,
  5. built-in Facebook and Twitter registration, login and product sharing support,
  6. each product can be liked, commented on and added to wishlists,
  7. complete control over the entire system through the admin panel  - manage users, shops, products and texts,
  8. interface for creating and managing information pages.


Getsy is the perfect combination of a social network and a script for marketplace. Thanks to the built-in features your members and visitors can be transformed into an actual community, that will advertise your website by interacting with products and sharing them to the most popular social networks. The result will be even more visitors, members and sales on your Getsy marketplace.

Our Etsy Clone is a modular system that can be upgraded with a number of off-the-shelf modules. Uploading and activating a module can be done anytime; it will instantly extend your system’s ability to handle addition product types and payment methods, improve product segmentation and discoverability, etc.

That is a pretty broadly defined question. The answer is “You can sell anything, and make money when other people are selling on your site, when they click ads on your site, etc.).

Yes, you can sell anything with our marketplace shopping cart script, even files. When you install the Digital item module on your system, Amexi’s Getsy buysell script becomes a digital goods marketplace script.

As a result of this transformation

  1. you could sell both tangible and digital items, be it a single file or a whole script,
  2. each vendor can sell both types of products in their stores,
  3. vendors only need to select the type of product for sale to switch between types,
  4. shipping charges for digital items are automatically removed,
  5. downloadable files are contained in a ZIP archive the seller has to upload - the only difference from listing a tangible product,
  6. because of the above all file types are supported,
  7. buyers can filter digital products by selecting the product type from a filter.

All modules from our framework will work with Getsy regardless of the products you sell. This means you can offer auction type of sale, multiple payment options, add product video preview  or use all the relevant filters with both tangible or digital items.

The system will work with literally any amount of users, prices or purchase volumes, so you can be running it as a b2b marketplace script. If you are looking to benefit from sellers using your  b2b trading marketplace script - you can add the User groups and permissions module to set access right for the various users. With the Subscriptions you can create pre-paid plans for members who’d like to list products, use an extended profile, create coupons, write blog entries, etc. Our buysell platform also supports banner ads and social networks sharing and functionality.

How can you earn money from your marketplace script?

Our Etsy clone script includes the powerful Subscriptions plan builder as a built-in feature. Use it to create various seller subscriptions. All members that want to be merchants on your site have to purchase subscription packages in order to list and sell items.

You can create unlimited number of seller plans, and unlimited combinations of settings. These include:

  • optional free plan - with or without administrator-defined commission,
  • subscription plans with unlimited listings, paid on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis,  with optional administrator-defined commission,
  • per item plans - when sellers buy such subscription they can only list a fixed number of listings. The administrator can also set a commission per each sale made - this way sellers pay for both listing an item AND for selling it.

How can you attract sellers to monetize your multi vendor platform?

Create a free monthly subscription. In a few months time you can change the plan’s price. After the period expires for the particular subscriber he will have to renew, and pay the subscription fee to keep his selling privileges and listings on your site.

In time you can gradually introduce commission, subscription or per-item plans, depending on how your site and sales are progressing.

The Subscriptions plan builder does not limit the number of merchant packages you can create. Add multiple subscription options - each with different capabilities - so you can attract vendors with various needs. The cheaper plans may have fewer listings or higher commission, while more expensive plans may include more (or unlimited) listings, lower commission. You can also introduce an annual package so you can collect more money early.

The etsy script clone you are looking at has been pre-loaded with a host of other features, too, so you can create a clone script website directly from the box. The most important set of functions are those that help you earn money. After you install Getsy 2 on your server you can configure it and start using it as a b2c marketplace script - uploading products and selling them to visitors/members of your website. There are no limitation on prices, quantities and totals of items listed or sold, so you can use it as a b2b marketplace script php, too.

The system can become a multivendor marketplace when your members start listing their own products for sale. How can you make money off your etsy style script in such cases? You can add the User groups and permissions module, create and set privileges for the various types of users. With that done you can grant access to features on your digital marketplace script (e.g. publishing products) for a fee, and manually upgrade each paying customer to the respective group.

If you would like to do this automatically - you can install the Subscriptions module and create pre-paid packages for each of the groups. Users will be paying monthly fees and have access to the features they need as long as the payments continue; if a subscription is no longer paid for - the user will be demoted to regular user.

Here are a few other modules your sellers can pay subscriptions for:

  • the Auction module. Install it to convert your Etsy marketplace script into a auction marketplace script. Thus you and your vendors will be able to sell eBay style.
  • the Coupon module, with which  you and fellow sellers can create custom discount codes and attract additional customers.
  • the Business profile module, which introduces fields for additional information, including phone number, address with Google map and more. This will be particularly favored when you are using Getsy as a marketplace b2b script.

You’ve taken care of the vendors - now the buyers need your attention. Help them discover the products they need faster with filters and additional payment options. You can add extra revenue using our Banner module, and displaying ads in your etsy like script including images, Flash and Google Ads. With the optional Slider module (a full-width slider-banner to your home page with extensive options), you can also promote users and products for a fee, link categories, etc.

There are two independent subscription types available:

  • the Featured items module, with which vendors can promote their items to the top of the home and category pages.

  • the Power user module, which turns every new user of your etsy shop script into an automatic subscriber to the subscribing seller.

Amazing built-in Features of Getsy for better user experience:

In short period of time Getsy became the best and most popular Etsy clone script on the web! In order to keep this first place we improved the design, fixed the bugs and added new features with main aim to help your project to be more successful than ever! Check the functionalities and do not waste your time, order now our responsive marketplace script and start the journey of becoming a popular brand.

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    Business Profile

    Our marketplace b2b script features a special modules intended specifically for sellers where they can enter business name, address (linked to a Google Map) and phone number. These will be displayed on their profile pages.

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    Built-in Service Cart

    This is where members of your buysell Etsy clone script purchase all their subscriptions for featuring items, power user status, or additional privilege. It also keeps tracks of all order and their validity.

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    Pricing Tags with Multi-Currency Support

    Once your site is online, you will be competing on a global market. Amexi’s php marketplace script features support for multiple currencies. Site owners can add as many as they like through the admin panel.

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    Groups and Permissions Facility

    This is where you can create and manage user groups, and their access to various features within the site. Virtually any user in your e-commerce marketplace script can have different privileges like listing products, creating coupons, posting to the blog, etc.

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    PayPal Integration

    If you want to run an e-marketplace script you have to support online payments. We’ve chosen to build support for PayPal, the leader in online payment processing, into our buysell platform, and keep user data secure.

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    Multi Language Support

    With website marketplace script you can have as many languages as you need. You can add, and manage additional languages, and completely translate all texts for each of them through the admin panel.

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    To be complete and useful to its visitors, an ecommerce marketplace script must provide an option to calculate the shipping cost of each offer. Getsy has built-in support for multiple shipping options for each product listed.

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    Built-in Product Variations

    With Amexi’s emarketplace script vendors can create multiple options for each of the items they upload for sale. Add colors, sizes, material and many more - each with their unique quantity and price.

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    Whether for a “Thank you!” note, question or for settling a misunderstanding buyers and sellers within your online marketplace must be able to contact each other. Thanks to this features all messages with different subjects are stored in the system as separate conversations (similar to Google Mail).

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    Use Tags to join the buzz

    Tags are an important and increasingly popular method of linking content across a website via shared keywords. Getsy can connect products based on keywords users enter when publishing an item, and displaying other products based on matching tags.

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    Mention Users for More Exposure

    Much like in Facebook comments within our digital marketplace script can be used to “call” or “tag” a member. Typing @username or @name will display a list of users followed matching the written name/username. When selected such a member will receive a notification and a link to view the item.

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    Smart Search

    A good search engine can help buyers discover the items they are looking for faster, and encourage them to purchase. Our Etsy clone software uses MySQL 5.6 fulltext search with relevance algorithm to make your items more discoverable.

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    Endless Scrolling

    With thousands of products being uploaded to your marketplace script, browsing items might turn into a tedious task for your users. To make it easier on the potential buyers we have implemented endless scroll that will save all the reloading of paged results.

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    Smart Product Browsing

    The endless scroll is a cool solution for bigger listings. We’ve added a Previous and Next buttons on the product page, so you can quickly review products in detail whether you are in a shop, category, or on a search results page.

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    Built-in Email Notifications Management

    Most marketplace scripts boast email notifications for events, which are (mostly) considered spam. With Getsy each user can decide what notifications he will receive, and which will be turned off.

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    Unlimited Marketing Potential

    Thanks to the social network features and integration, features like multilingual and multicurrency support, unique URLs for each product and page, meta tags and SEO properties, Amexi’s marketplace script clone is extremely easy to promote.

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    Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

    One of the methods for making products more discoverable is proper segmentation through categorizing them. Our buysell script offers complete control over the category hierarchy tree, and permits unlimited categories and nested sub categories.

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    SEO-Centered System

    Getsy was designed with SEO in mind. Each product within your responsive marketplace script has its own Meta tags, and product images have Alt tags. When you configure multiple languages - each category has different meta info for each separate language, too.

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    Integrated Translation Management Console

    With Getsy you can update all text labels from within the admin panel instead of working with separate language files. All changes you make are effective immediately, and the system is much less error-prone than most Etsy clone scripts you will encounter on the market.

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    No Duplicate Content

    Getsy 2 only displays relevant results - actual products. Wishlists only contain links to the original items, rather than their full copies, and are only accessible through the user’s profile page. They are not displayed on home, category, or search results pages.

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    Built-in CMS

    The admin panel of your Etsy clone php script allows you to create pages, where you can publish text and multimedia, and then link them into the system menu or footer. You can publish your Terms and conditions, help texts, about section or any additional information to present to your community.

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    We’ve significantly improved loading times for individual pages and product lists in Getsy 2. Thanks to slimmer database queries, memory object caching and overall smarter design the system is up to 5 times faster than version 1.15.

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    Optional Account Verification Emails

    Prevent bots from registering in your digital marketplace. Set the default user status to Inactive - this will have Getsy send an email with a verification link to each newly registered member. He will be able to post in your system only after he has confirmed his registration through the link.

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    Easy To Install

    To make the script more accessible, we’ve minimized installation as simple as possible, and included an illustrated step-by-step manual in your download.

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    Improved Security

    We asked our customers for feedback on the security of their running multivendor marketplace solutions. Our team then combined their feedback with the experience in building and supporting all our systems to date to deliver a safer, more stable environment.

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    Module-Based System

    If you are looking to extend your capability by adding a filter, a payment option, or a feature of your own, you can simply purchase a module, upload and activate it. Whenever an update is delivered - you will be notified when you log into your Getsy’s admin panel.

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    Apache and NGINX Support

    Getsy can be installed on servers running Apache or NGINX webservers. These are the two top solution on the Web, powering over 3/4 of all the sites globally. Apache is easier to configure, while the more demanding NGINX is a oriented towards systems under extremely high load.

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    MemCached and APC Support

    Getsy 2 is much faster than 1.15 thanks to both carefully crafted MySQL queries, and two optional types of memory object caching: MemCached and APC. When either is installed on your server, all you have to do is log into the admin panel and select the option you prefer.

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    Getsy 2 benefits for our experience in building scalable Web solutions like Pintastic versions 3 and 4. Whether you are running your marketplace script on a compatible shared hosting on on the cloud - you will always be running smoothly and still using the same software package.

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    100% Responsive Design

    To assist you on your way to success we’ve implemented a fully responsive design for Getsy. This means that your website will be properly displayed on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, while still featuring 100% functionality.

View All Features

Creating your etsy clone site is easy - all you need to do is install the Getsy script by following our pictorial manual. You can then configure it to your preferences - change the brand and the logo of the website, set new metadata, update the contact email and set your own PayPal email address to receive money on. Next step is uploading your own products to the marketplace script use our drag and drop feature to add images to each listing, add information about the product, its features and the shipping charges.

The more items you list - the more products will be viewed by your visitors. Configure the Facebook and Twitter apps for your buysell etsy clone to enable users to share the products listed onto their social network accounts and help to make it popular and attract even more members.Help potential buyers find items faster - add our family of filters for price, color, shipping destinations, etc. and unleash the power of the the best etsy clone software.

The more users sign up - the more options for earning money you will have. The simplest option is the Banner module, which is used for displaying your own or third party ads (including from Google Ads) around the site.

Next, as your community grows and becomes more attractive to vendors, you can add the Featured items module (sellers pay to display their items at the top of the home page) and the Power user modules (paying users get extra followers) as another channel for earning money through your best Etsy clone.

The User groups and permissions and the Subscriptions modules will help you monetize access to features like product listing, creating coupon codes, listing items for auction, etc. Add more options for payment for purchases on your website - install the CCBill module to process credit card payments, and the Bank wire transfer module to let buyers pay for their items offline.


We already discussed how to earn money from your ecommerce marketplace script. Before you can earn money from vendors you need to make your online marketplace more attractive to them - this means you need a lot of potential and active buyers.

To form a buyer community, you need to make your website marketplace script more convenient to use, especially by making it easier on members to discover products on your buysell platform easier than on competing ones. How do you do that? You add filters to your php marketplace script!

  • Type filter - displays items that are listed for sale separate from those sold in auctions.
  • Price filter - to easily determine minimal and maximal price of the items sought.
  • Search in shop - only displays items from a certain store within your php marketplace script.
  • Color filter - fashion-conscious users will be looking for items with specific colors.
  • shipping location filters - use the Ships to country and Ships to city to discover goods delivered to their area.
  • Rating filter - because after each sale buyers and sellers give rating to each other, members can select to shop from vendors with higher rating.
  • Sort filter - orders items by name, price and date listed.

Once your buysell script has a created a wide enough audience you can add the Banner module and display ads to get income from those, too.

Don’t forget that Getsy is a responsive marketplace script, which means you can get sales on mobile, too.

Etsy Clone Script v 2.4 License type

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Open Source License

The Open Source License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The Open Source License allows you to modify the full functionality of our script. Only several files that handle licensing are Encrypted. They are NOT related to the functionality. It is important to know that the Open Source License DOES NOT entitle you to resell the script to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


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Multi Domain license

Multi Domain License allows you Full Access to the files of our script (except for the encrypted files that deal with the license), and you can install the script on as many domains you like. You can update the entire functionality of the script, except for the files that deal with the license. It is important to know that the Multi Domain License DOES NOT entitle you to resell it to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


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