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Etsy Clone 2.0 with All Modules


Getsy 2 is a multi vendor marketplace platform you can use to build your own business in just a few hours. It is the best marketplace software that money can buy.

It is easy to install, has over 30 features, 35 added modules and fully customizable with our ready-to-use themes. Members can buy and sell on both their desktop and mobile devices thanks to the responsive design.

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Etsy Clone 2.0 with All Modules

Getsy 2 is a powerful PHP marketplace software for people with no expertise in Web design and development, but would like to create their own online business.

With over 30 built-in modules for payment, earning money, and filtering products Getsy Marketplace Software includes everything you need to start your own online marketplace. Put simply, you need no other script to start your own business right away - nothing stands between you and your dream site.

Below is a short list of the most important features:

  • unlimited categories and sub-categories, managed by the administrator,

  • unlimited users who can both sell and buy unlimited items,

  • built-in user rating system for buyers and sellers,

  • integrated instant payment options: PayPal and Stripe,

  • offline payment modes: Bank transfer and Cash on delivery,

  • support for multiple currencies,

  • admin panel for creating and managing unlimited merchant plans,

  • SEO-friendly URL for each individual user or store profile, category and product,

  • unique store profile with unlimited info pages,

  • product listings with description, image gallery, variations and shipping options,

  • powerful search engine and 6 different filters,

  • system is multilanguage from the box,

  • built-in private messaging system,

  • 5 additional monetizing modules,

  • user privileges management,

  • built-in CMS for managing info pages,

  • access to all system texts so you can adjust or translate them to match the needs for your market.

Getsy 2 also features built-in PayPal payments support. This means buyers can pay for their orders online, sellers can get their money instantly, and administrators automatically receive their commissions from each sale made. Configure your payment details (business account required) and you can start adding products.

Do you want to change the look and feel? Select one of our themes and we will install it for you within 10 business days.

Do you need more features? Request a custom development quote from our sales team.

Getsy 2 is more than a e-marketplace PHP script - it also has the features of a social network. Members can like products, save them to wishlists, follow stores and users, comment on and share products to over 300 of the most popular sites and networks around the globe.

Experience all the features on our demo - follow the links and use the credentials below.

Getsy 2 was designed and developed with a specific idea: help you start your own marketplace in less than a day, while providing outstanding online shopping experience to your buyers. All of this requires no previous Web design or programming knowledge, or experience in online trade.

As a result our online marketplace software can be used for:

  • creating an online store, where you sell your own creations, products and supplies,

  • or as a multivendor c2c marketplace software for building Etsy-like community marketplace, where each user can be both seller and buyer.

  • Maybe you feel like starting a digital goods marketplace where users can sell, buy and download files with the Digital marketplace script module?

  • or even build eBay-like sites - just enable the Auction Website Builder to our marketplace PHP software.

  • You can also open a b2c marketplace where established business can sell their products to your community.

  • Install the Coupon module to your multi vendor platform and help sellers promote their products.

  • Build b2b marketplaces as the volumes of trade on Getsy 2 systems are not limited.

  • Thanks to the responsive design you will have a mobile b2b platform right from the box.

  • You can launch on your local market,

  • then go international using the Multilanguage to translate all texts,

  • and the Multicurrency modules to add as many currencies as you need.

  • Configure the Facebook and Twitter modules to ease registration and login to your PHP marketplace.

  • Install our product filters for your users to help them find what they need.

The purpose of Getsy 2 is for you to earn money in any way possible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • sell your items and supplies directly,

  • offer files and file bundles for sale when you tunr on Digital marketplace module,

  • use the Auction module turn your website into an eBay-like platform,

  • charge subscriptions for other members willing to sell their own creations (built-in feature),

  • set up packages with commission % or combine the subscription with commission for each sale (also part of the standard Getsy 2 package),

  • charge vendors for promoting their items with the Featured products module,

  • use the Power user module to create subscriptions for people who’d like to be followed by all new members,

  • advertise your vendors and earn money from them with the Banner module ,

  • or display third party ads (e.g. Google Ads),

  • use the Subscription module to charge vendors a fee for accessing the Coupon manager, the Blog system and many more.

If you have your own idea about a business model you can contact us with your requirements, and we will offer a quote for custom development. The quote will be based on the work hours required to develop your custom solution, so please be as specific as possible.

It only takes 5 easy steps to start your business using Getsy Marketplace Script:

  1. Purchase your license from Amexi.

  2. Request your files.

  3. Install the system on a compatible server

  4. Customize your site (change name, logo, and texts), configure your payment details.

  5. Upload your products.

Getsy is very simple to install, has all the features you need to create a marketplace website - you can complete your setup within a day!

What can you do next?

Configure merchant subscriptions. Create as many merchant packages as you need from the admin panel. Subscriptions can be based on number of listings, be time-bound, with or without commission, etc.

Attract more users. Configure the Facebook and Twitter modules and their apps to speed up registration and login for everyone (you can also order this service from us). After an account on your marketplace is associated a social network profile, users can automatically share the products they add to their timelines (with title, image and link back to your website).

Make search more relevant. Getsy Marketplace Script includes a comprehensive built-in search engine and 6 filters for faster product search and sorting.

Build your own digital products marketplace. Start selling files and bundles with the Digital Marketplace script module.

Create an eBay clone site - the included Auction Website Builder module allows vendors to offer auctions for their physical and digital products.

Use more of the modules to earn money. Offer subscriptions for promoting items to the top of the home page with the Featured product module.

Charge users monthly fees if they want to be automatically followed by all new members signing-up with the Power user module.

Display ads on behalf of vendors, external ads, promote stores, products and categories with the Banner module.

Offer more options for users to pay. Getsy Marketplace Software offers built-in PayPal and Stripe payment modules - this way you support instant payments with both PayPal and Credit Cards.

Registered users can also keep a virtual balance and purchase items without waiting for payment processors when the Virtual wallet module is enabled (works with both PayPal and Stripe).

For customers who are into offline payments - configure the Bank transfer payment module included in your system. Your cloud marketplace software also supports the Local pickup (users order online, and pay in the store) and Cash on delivery payment options.

To start making money from your website you must have many users. These users will pay subscriptions for various services, commission every time they purchase an item, fees for displaying their banners, and will also generate additional income by clicking on the banners you are displaying.

To attract many customers you must add as many products for sale as possible in the correct categories. Getsy 2 supports unlimited categories and subcategories, that can be fully managed from the admin panel. Create a logical category structure so members can easily find the products they are looking for.

Reach wider audiences - configure multiple languages and translate all texts in the admin panel. You can also create and configure as many currencies as you need for your marketplace PHP solution and set automatic conversion. This means each user can select what currency to see the prices in, and the system will display the correct price for all products using the actual exchange rate.

Add more items and invite more people to join the site to generate more income. Create attractive vendor subscriptions and invite people to join your site through the built-in form. The more sellers join and post their products - the more money you will receive from both subscriptions and commissions.

Configure the Facebook and Twitter modules so their users can easily join and login to your marketplace. After linking their accounts they can share products to their timelines with titles, descriptions, images and link back to your marketplace. This will both make your site even more popular and improve your website’s search engine standing.

Make products more visible to buyers. With the Tags module that will link products with similar properties across the entire site, and the Categories by Interests module to allow item grouping by brand or usage within a category.

With Amexi's family of filters visitors will be able to select products by color, price, category and shipping destination (country and state/city). They can also sort results by title, price and listing date.

Buyers will be happy to pay for their purchases online, and Getsy 2 provides PayPal Express checkout as the default option. If you are keen on accepting credit card payments - configure the built-in Stripe payment module, which supports cards from around the world.

With the Featured product module you can set up fees for promoting items to the top of your marketplace’s home page. Using the Power user subscription you can configure subscriptions for those who want to be automatically followed by all new members.

Now that enough traffic is going through your responsive marketplace software, you can configure unlimited banners. They can be image and HTML-based ads. You can advertise your own items, subscriptions, etc., or those of other members (and you can charge for that). Third party banners like Google Ads are also supported, so you can earn extra money.

Etsy Clone 2.0 with All Modules License type

Please choose your license type. You can always update it to upper level if you wish. For more information see our licenses page.

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Regular license

The Regular License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The license is attached to domain name. You will have the option to change the licensed domain once per 12 monts. To change the licensed domain name - simply contact us and provide the current domain name and the new one. You have the option at any time upgrade this type of license to Open Source license by simply paying the difference between prices. This license type DOES NOT grant you rights to resell the script to third parties.



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Open Source License

The Open Source License lets you use the script for a lifetime. The Open Source License allows you to modify the full functionality of our script. Only several files that handle licensing are Encrypted. They are NOT related to the functionality. It is important to know that the Open Source License DOES NOT entitle you to resell the script to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.



Multi Domain license

Multi Domain License allows you Full Access to the files of our script (except for the encrypted files that deal with the license), and you can install the script on as many domains you like. You can update the entire functionality of the script, except for the files that deal with the license. It is important to know that the Multi Domain License DOES NOT entitle you to resell it to third parties. For more information please read our terms and conditions.



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